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Daytour to Kulusuk, Greenland

one day tour

Snaefellsj÷kull-Stykkishˇlmur tour

Birds view and seafood

 Day tour in Iceland

Golden Circle

1 Thingvellir, the national park
2 Geysir, the hot spring
3 Gullfoss, the second powerful waterfall in Iceland
4. Keri­, the  tremendous crater
Faxi, the beautiful waterfall
6 Hveragerdi/Edden, the geothermal village and greenhouse
7 Skaltholt, the most noble site in Iceland
8 Nesjavellir, the geothermal power station

Day tour to Mřrdalsj÷kull (Vik)
1 Seljalandfoss, the narrow but high waterfall
2 Skˇgafoss, one of the most impressive in Iceland
3 Dyrhˇlaey and Vik beach, the southernmost point of the mainland and the home to rich bird life, more 10 Km  flat and black beach along with several rock stacks.
4 Myrdalsjokull, Fourth biggest glaciers in Iceland with almost 600 Km2. There are several volcano around glacier area.  

Daytour to Langj÷kull

1 Reykholt, the most notable historical site and cultural centre
2 Deildatunga, the biggest hot spring, which yields 180l/sec of 97-100 oC hot water.
3 Hraunfossar, the  water fall from lava, field along a 1km stretch.Just upstream is beautiful Barnafoss (Children's falls)
4 Grabrokkarhraun, Rugged  lava, grown with moss, heather and shrubs in many places. The Lava flowed from the  distinctive volcanoes which are 2-3 thousand years old.

Daytour to Mřvatn

Daytour to Mřvatn and ┴sbřrgi

Sightseeing in Reykjavik area


the Parliament of Iceland


The historic summit place in the Oct.1986 when Us president Ronald Regan and USSR general Secretary Mikail Gorbachiv met together


The pearl beautiful landmark and view stop


The stylized Viking long boat, facing out to sea

Whale Watching

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